The Abdali is uniquely ambitious in its development vision. It has already delivered so much. A new investment horizon means the opportunities for investors, right now, are significant. Prospects include the Health and Wellness District, and the launch of Phase 2 to be built on 133,000sqm of land with 1.4 million Net Development Rights. 

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the largest mixed-use development in the heart of Amman.
It is the spine of Jordan’s capital, connecting ancient streets to modern, chic neighbourhoods.

Spanning more than 384,000 sqm of land,The Abdali is a unique urban destination offering a multitude of services in a range of sectors – from residential to retail, hospitality to healthcare and commercial to entertainment.

Benefits offered:

  • Bank benefits with competitive interest rates and a high coverage ratio.
  • Benefits and advantages over the fees for the transfer of ownership.
  • Exemption from the general sales’ tax on all goods and services purchased or imported for the purpose of establishing projects under special conditions.
  • The right to establish mixed-use projects within adjustable NDRs.
  • Providing the necessary support with government and private agencies through the master developer.
  • High-level infrastructure in terms of design, construction materials, effectiveness and durability.
  • Providing the necessary support during all construction phases by the main developer.